Aqua Plus Facial

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[php_everywhere]Dehydrated Skin that is lacking in moisture

1 Hour £65 

Dehydrated skin lacks moisture. It feels tight and wrinkles appear prematurely.  It is less protected by a thinner cutaneous barrier and is more reactive and likely to experience redness.  It can feel both dry and oily and show small pimples and blackheads.  All skin types can suffer from dehydration.  This is the reason why it is difficult to decided if the skin is temporarily dehydrated or dry.  Your Therapist will be able to advise you.

AQUA PLUS  is a true concentrate of multi-moisturising ingredients. Highly concentrated in Mallow flower and in pure Hyaluronic acids of three different molecular weights, its formula penetrates the heart of the cells to intensely and lastingly re-infuse them with moisture.  The biggest molecular weight acts as a protective coat.  Its surface action is immediate, and helps prevent water loss.  Hyaluronic Acid particles fragment into medium and low molecular weights, to deeply penetrate the skin layers to replenish cells with moisture.

This facial is suited to your individual needs.  Starting with a double cleanse under steam, an exfoliating peel, extractions for congestion to eliminate blackheads and massage for de-stressing and relaxation.  Finishing with a moisturising masque.  We concentrate on what will benefit you the most.

All facials improve the blood circulation which in turn increases oxygen and nutrients to the area, giving you an overall better skin tone and healthy glow.

Your Therapist will conducted this Bespoke Facial for you with a full consultation to determine your specific requirements.

For more info we can call you to walk you through the procedure explaining each part of the process and what it does.  Please see the top our page to email, phone or text an enquiry and we will happily ring you back.


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