KBPRO Micro Blading

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BY Nicky Searle Trained by KAREN BETTS

KAREN BETTS With over 20 years of permanent makeup and microblading training. Award winning pigments that heal true. Innovative tools developed by professionals, for professionals. All designed & developed by world class permanent makeup artist, Karen Betts personally trained Nicky in her Microblading skills.  To be one of the first students to attend her first launch of this treatment training  in 2016.

Unfiltered Image of Brow After Microblading by Nicky Searle


K.B Pro Brows: Microblading

This innovative technique was developed by Karen Betts. Using a specially designed hand held tool to enable the artist to create ultra-fine hair strokes which mimic the look of natural brows.  A mix of beautiful strokes in varying lengths and directions along with the K.B Pro pigments (also developed by Karen Betts) to blend in with your natural hair colour, the results are so incredibly natural looking, no-one even needs to know you’ve had the treatment. It can be your little secret! Gone are the thick, dark heavy brows and here to stay are perfect, full, natural looking brows to compliment your own face shape; we guarantee your brows will never go out of style.

A full consultation is required and a patch test to ensure compatibility.  Brow design and colour  is discussed, and the full treatment explained with recent work that Nicky can show off her skills.  The cost of this consultation is  £40 which can be redeemed  against Micro blading treatment.

Book an appointment with Nicky, please call Nicky directly to book 01323 639556 or 07436 536520.

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