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Suntana Tanning

The tan to suit everyone!

Our comprehensive range of professional sunless tanning products is available in natural shades which last longer, perform better and fade more evenly.

Our Classic range with evocative fragrances, Coconut, Cherry, Chocolate, Blackberry and our Rapid Tan formula in Strawberry-Vanilla, will make you look beautiful while stimulating the senses. Each one has its own unique DHA strength, from Our lightest tan, Coconut, which is 8% DHA, right up to our deliciously dark Blackberry ‘After Dark’ tan with 14% DHA.

Whether you are looking for lovely sun kissed glow or a deep bronzed tan, our spray tan will give you a convincingly natural result without exposure to harmful UV rays.


  • Light Tan – Revel in the gentle aroma of tropical coconut.  Just close your eyes and imagine white sands and the Hawaiian breeze. Formulated with 8% DHA – this is a light tan for a beautiful ‘sun-kissed’ look. Recommended for fair skins or if you are simply looking for a natural looking spray tan.
  • Medium Tan – Enjoy the lollipops n’ lipstick scent of freshly picked cherries.  Cherry fragranced medium tan, Recommended for a fair-medium complexion, Results in a wonderfully natural tan with warm undertones.
  • Dark Tan –  Chocolate, This is our chocolate fragranced dark tan, Recommended for medium skin colour wanting a deep natural looking tan with dark undertones.
  • After Dark –  Berry,  This is our blackberry fragranced, ‘After Dark’ spray tan solution.  Tan results have deep, dark undertones.  Recommended for sun goddesses and those looking for the darkest tan.

    These Tan solutions can be beautifully blended to create the perfect shade for you

  • Bakewell Tart = a mix of cherry and coconut a perfect mix between light and medium.
  • Bountyish = a mix of coconut and chocolate.  Sumptuous coconut, wrapped in milk chocolate.
  • Black Forest = a mix of cherry and chocolate. The perfect dessert for special occasions.

Development time 6-8 hours. Best slept in overnight so ideal at the end of the day and bring loose clothing to travel home in. No leggings or socks and trainers, or anything tight fitting to the skin to avoid tan displacement.

  • A Rapid Tan that does what it supposed to do.  A brand new formulation, allowing you to tan in as little as 1 hour. Its a fast developing solution designed for a tan in a hurry. No more turning down last minute events!

    This is a high performance tanning formula featuring Tan Control®.  A secret blend of ingredients with no parabens, alcohol or harmful preservatives. Choose  your colour depth. This solution works across all skin types.

    Infused with organic plant extracts, Suntana’s Rapid tan is the ultimate in tanning technology and will fade better than most other brands. It gives a realistic natural result.  Available in the beautiful summer fragrance of strawberry-Vanilla.  No DHA smell during the development time (as with other spray tans).

    Tan Control wash off after 1-2 hours for light/medium wash off after 3-4 hours for medium wash off after 4+ hours for darker results. Non-stick tan, quick drying, Smells amazing! Lasts up to 6 days with gradual fading.

Full Body   £25.00
Half Body   £20.00