Apilus Electrolysis

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Beauty Basics Skin and Laser Clinic is also an Apilus Computer Controlled Electrolysis Centre. Specialising in precise permanent pain controlled hair removal.

Using a computer chipped advanced machine, that delivers the current at a 1000th of a second.  The current is targeted to exactly where it needs to be. Using Ballet disposable sterile pre-packed gold  or insulated needles to minimise skin reaction and discomfort, completing with a galvanic treatment to reduce redness immediately.

A truly revolutionary answer to permanent hair removal with amazing results.

The Apilus Senior 3G is the quickest, the most powerful and the most comfortable technology on the market is a far superior machine to conventional Electrolysis. Exclusive to Beauty Basics Eastbourne Salon.

Nicky Searle has specialised in electrolysis for over 30 years and has undertaken many post graduate qualifications with Janice Brown one of the UK’s Leading Electrologists.   Gaining vast knowledge and experience. 


To book an appointment with Nicky, please call Nicky directly to book 01323 639556 or 07436 536520.

5 Minutes       £15.00     

(Minimum Charge)

10 Minutes    £25.00

15 Minutes    £36.00

20 Minutes    £46.00

25 Minutes    £55.00

30 Minutes    £65.00