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For silky smooth legs all year round regular waxing is a far superior option to shaving or using depilatory creams.

If preparing for a holiday or special occasion, it is advised to have a least 3 waxes over a period 3 months to synchronise the growth pattern.

Hair grows, rests and falls out, with  3 phases in the hair growth cycle.  If waxing for the first time it is advised to leave from shaving or depilatory creaming for at least 2 weeks.

This will give enough growth for removal, however there will still be hairs waiting to push through and therefore waxing again in 3/4 weeks from the first wax after shaving will remove a second growth of hairs.  After 3 waxes the hairs will be synchronised and grow back softer allowing 4/6 weeks between treatments.

Specialising in Brazilian and Hollywood waxing, we use hot film depilatory wax.  Ideal on short Stubborn hairs and areas of sensitivity.  We can confidently remove all unwanted hair with minimal discomfort and exposure.

Supplying you with disposable underwear for client comfort and discretion. We have often been commended on our expertise of our intimate waxing ensuring client modesty at all times.



1/2 Leg Ankle to knee



1/2 Leg Tops Knee up to bikini line  


3/4 Leg Ankle to mid thigh or from ankle to knee and all of back of legs  


Full Leg Ankle to up to bikini line






Bikini Line
1/2 inch into bikini line

A surcharge of £2.00 will be added for Hot Wax.



Thong Line Up to thong line

A surcharge of £2.00 will be added for Hot Wax.



Brazilian Leaving a small vertical strip of hair (Hot Wax)



Hollywood Total removal of hair from front to back (Hot Wax)




Bottom Bum cheeks! Peach Fuzz!



Naval From top of Bikini to Naval


£ 8.00

Under Arm A surcharge of £2.00 will be added for Hot Wax.



Forearm Wrist to elbow



Full Arm   Hand, wrist to mid upper arm



Lip or Chin      

Lip and Chin   

Sides of Face 


Full face 




£ 9.00



£ 8.00



Male Back Wax Including shoulders and tops of arms







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